Do I Need a Hearing Aid?

Do you find yourself asking yourself or questioning your hearing? If you constantly have to ask yourself if you have hearing loss, you probably do. Hearing loss affect millions and millions of Americans, and most never get the hearing help that they need. Approximately 30 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, ranging from mild to severe. Only 1 out of 5 people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wears one.

Many people are aware that their hearing has deteriorated but are reluctant to seek help. Perhaps they don’t want to acknowledge the problem, are embarrassed by what they see as a weakness, or believe that they can get by without using a hearing aid. And, unfortunately, too many wait years before getting treatment.

But research demonstrates the considerable negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects of untreated hearing loss... with far reaching implications that go well beyond hearing alone. In fact, those who have difficulty hearing can experience such distorted & incomplete communication that it seriously impacts their professional & personal lives, at times leading to isolation & withdrawal. If you are the individual with hearing loss, the affects go much further than you personally. Your family and loved ones suffer as well. With your hearing loss, family and friends have to be thoughtful and remember to speak up. They might have to remember to look in your direction before speaking with you and many times repeat numerously before you can hear and understand what they are saying. Hearing loss affects everyone you come in contact with and in turn has affects on all relationships that make up our livelihood.

Studies Have Linked Untreated Hearing Loss to:

  • Irritability, negativism, and anger
  • Fatigue, tension, stress and depression
  • Avoidance or withdrawal from social situations
  • Social rejection and loneliness
  • Reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety
  • Impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks
  • Reduced job performance and earning power
  • Diminished psychological and overall health

A decision to get hearing help has the potential to literally transform people’s lives. Research shows that hearing aids clearly are associated with impressive improvements in the social, emotional, psychological & physical well-being of people with hearing loss. If you suspect you have any form of hearing loss, mild or severe, call today and try to get help. We have been helping people with hearing loss for many years and will take the time to help improve your life.