Distributor / Retailer Opportunities

NewSound hearing aids are looking for distributors/retailers throughout New Zealand to market and distribute our new range of exciting products. 

NewSound offer affordable hearing solutions for New Zealand people with mild to severe hearing loss. We provide the world's best hearing aids for any type of hearing loss in all available styles at prices the average Kiwi can afford.

This budget Range of hearing aids caters for people who normally couldn’t afford conventional hearing aids at market prices. Don’t be alarmed when we say budget, all our hearing aids have been tested and 5 models are approved for government funding on the same level as most reputable brands in NZ.

Our one size fits all hearing aids retail from $289-$699 per unit, Most of our range has a self-adjustable volume but we also have programmable aids for professionals. This product is very versatile and easy to install by the user and comes with a full instruction manual for easy fitting. This is a great product with a huge amount of potential for the right candidate.

Please use the contact form to register your interest in distributing or retailing our products.