Hearing aid Batteries

NewSound Hearing Aid Batteries

NewSound Hearing Aids is a leading on-line provider of micro batteries to consumers in New Zealand.

Our on-line store offers you a good range of batteries to suit your hearing aid needs. Our quick overnight delivery service will always get your batteries to you on time at a unbeatable price!

There are only four different sizes of hearing aid batteries. Hearing aid manufacturers and battery makers sometimes add letters or change numbers to their packages to make you think you must buy their brand. This is not true.

All batteries are colour coded and must be labelled somewhere on the package with the Universal Size number and Colour Code. Want to be sure of your size? Check for a number on your package and ignore any letters.

Rayovac Peak 10

1 Strip



Rayovac Peak 10x2

2 Strip



Rayovac Peak 10x4

4 Strip